Top 5 Video games to play while tripping

Top 5 Video games to play while tripping

This may come to you as a surprise, but playing video games while tripping from a light dose of truffles is one of the better things you can do with truffles. Whether you like playing single player or online competitive games, magic truffles will enhance your gaming experience to the point you don’t even need a RTX 2080 TI for next gen graphics.

The shrooms and truffles both contain psilocybin which affects one’s visual perception. When you take a small doses, the psilocybin will make everything more vibrant while adding beautiful shapes and patterns.

So here is a list we put together for you with the best games we think you should play while using magic truffles.

1: World of Warcraft

A beautifully crafted fantasy mmo, wow, also know as world of warcraft, is probably my go to game for when I go tripping. This game has it all. From beautiful landscapes, amazing skyboxes, creatures and night skies, there is a sight to behold wherever you go. You can go to Hellfire peninsula in Outland from the Burning Crusade for example. That place has an amazing skybox. Or you could also go to Dazar’alor, which is a beautiful vibrant troll city. I can keep going for hours, but a few other places of note you should consider going to are Dalaran, Suramar and Argus.Those places will surely give you a trip you won’t forget.

2: Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the storm is another amazing game from blizzard. This game has colorful visuals that will pop out even more when you take truffles. This game is plenty of fun thanks to many troll characters and abilities (Yes, i’m looking at at your Garrosh and Nazeebo) so queue up for a quick match and let the fun begin!

3: Universe Sandbox

Just try to imagine two galaxies crashing into each other. You can’t can you? Well lucky for you we found this amazing game called Universe Sandbox which can do just that. This game will generate a playground for you where you can endlessly smash planets and galaxies into each other. Using thousands of particles and hundreds of vibrant colours, this game can generate endless fun for you.

4: No Mans Sky

Trippy music, trippy visuals, trippy planets and trippy life forms, this game will give you the trip of a lifetime. Just start up the game in creative mode and your set to go explore and endless universe of endless possibilities.

5: Skyrim VR

If you are looking for next level immersion, then combine truffles with a VR headset. Not only does this game have an amazing world, but also music and art. Combining the two will surely give you a trip you won’t be forgetting.

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