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Psilocybe DragonSlayer Truffles


DrangSlayer Magic Truffles is for the experienced users. This species, derived from the Atlantis, guarantees a unique trip with great visuals, deep thoughts and a great body high.

  • 100% Freshness Guarantee
  • 100% Pesticide-free
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The Psilocybe DragonSlayer Magic Truffles variety has many different names, most of which are derived from “dragon”. The reason for this name is in the sometimes deviant form that this truffle can take, which indeed resembles a dragon.

The Dragonslayer has no scientific name, because it is derived from the Atlantis truffle. The difference with the Atlantis is that the Dragonslayer has a longer growing time, making it bigger. Our Dragonslayer beats all other dragons and guarantees a unique trip with great visuals, deep thoughts and a great body high.

At Dutch Mushrooms, we only sell fresh magic truffles and growkits.

  • Psilocybe DragonSlayer Magic Truffles
  • Strong 4/5
  • Also known as Dragon’s Tail, Dragon, Dragon’s Dynamite, Dragon’s Pussy
  • 100% freshness guarantee
  • Grown in a 100% natural way without the use of harmful pesticides

Our amazing truffles are of high quality and are produced in a Dutch laboratory with rigorous quality control. Also, thanks to streamlined production processes and efficient harvesting methods, we are able to deliver you fresh truffles right to your doorstep.

The truffles you can buy from our site have a shelf life of 1 month, but if kept cool (4°C), this is increased to 2 months, but once opened, you need to consume the truffles within 2 days. Additionally, the products we offer you on our site are produced naturally without any pesticides or chemicals.


Magic truffles are not to be taken lightly and should not be taken as party drugs or bought if you are younger than 18 years of age. Please don’t take truffles if you are on any mind altering medication, pregnant or uncomfortable with yourself. Also, don’t drive or combine truffles with other recreational drugs.

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