Psilocybe Dutchii Truffles


Psilocybe Dutchii Magic Truffles is for the experienced users who are looking for a longer and more intense trip. This species, derived from the Atlantis, guarantees a unique trip with great visuals, deep thoughts and a great body high. This spicies gets its power from a long growing time, which is almost double that of other truffles.


Psilocybe Atlantis Truffles


Psilocybe Galindoii Magic Truffles is for the experienced users. Due to its high psilocin and psilocybin concentrations, the Atlantis can strike just like XTC does. In addition, these truffles can work as a slight aphrodisiac.


Easy Growkit Classic Amazonian


Amazonian mushrooms are large and potent and belong in our top 3 strongest mushrooms available. Discovered in the Amazons, these mushrooms produce large caps and are excellent for professional psychonauts.

Easy Growkit Classic Treasure Coast


American Shrooms with beautiful yellowish brown coloring on the caps. Very potent and grows fast which makes it perfect for beginners.

Easy Growkit Classic Mazatapec


Yet another shroom from Mexico, this variety comes from Mazatapec and is used by the locals for spiritual trips. This mushroom belongs to the psilocybe cubensis strains that grow slowly, so don’t expect a quick harvest.

Easy Growkit Classic Malabar


Thick, dense and fairly large, these mushrooms have a flattish dark Brown cap. This strain is stupid easy to grow and is great for bulk growers. Discovered in India, this strain loves subtropical conditions and is know for its beauty!

Easy Growkit Classic Mexican Hualta


The Mexican variety is probably the most famous of the Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Found in Mexico, this Paddo is well known for its colorful trips. With medium sized caps, this mushroom has a light brownish color with white spots here and there.

Easy Growkit Classic Hawaiian


Curiously enough, Psilocybe cubensis Hawaiian, also commonly known as PES Hawaiian, does not originate from Hawaii. This amazing variety is a quick grower and has beautiful large caps.

Easy Growkit Classic Golden Teacher


Just like your university lecturer, this mushroom will definitely teach you a new perspective or two. The caps have a beautiful golden color to them and can grown to a size of 50 mm in diameter.

Easy Growkit Classic Costa Rica


The Costa Rica Cubenis variety are a subtropical species and produce medium sized mushrooms. The caps usually have a golden brown color to them and are roughly 60mm in diameter.


but produces large flushes.

Easy Growkit Classic Columbian Rust


As the name suggests, this mushroom has its roots in Colombia. The mushroom caps themselves have a brownish color to them with an outer yellow rim. This strain grows more slowly compared to other strains, but has a high success rate as well as a moderate trip.

Easy Growkit Classic Chitwan


Discovered near the foot of the Himalaya mountains in Nepal, these mushrooms produce average size caps and consistency.

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