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Easy Growkit Classic Amazonian


Amazonian mushrooms are large and potent and belong in our top 3 strongest mushrooms available. Discovered in the Amazons, these mushrooms produce large caps and are excellent for professional psychonauts.

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Not to be confused with the rain forest, this amazing mushroom variety can become really large, producing caps of about 30 cm in diameter. Just like many things from the rain forest, these mushrooms are really potent making them one of the stronger species we have on sale here.

In the end, this grow kit usually contains anywhere from 400 to 500 grams of mushrooms when cultivated properly and can be flushed about 3 times.

At Dutch Mushrooms, we only sell high quality magic truffles and grow kits.

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  • Psilocybe cubensis Amazonian
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Our amazing grow kits are of high quality and are produced in a Dutch laboratory with rigorous quality control. Also, thanks to streamlined production processes we are able to deliver you easy to use kits right to your doorstep.

What you Receive:

  • 1 Grow kit with all the layers needed to grow the product
  • 1 Grow bag
  • 2 Paper Clips

GrowKit Instructions

You will get instructions on how to use your growkits, but you can also find our guide here: An Easy Guide for Easy Growkits


Magic Mushrooms are not to be taken lightly and should not be taken as party drugs or bought if you are younger than 18 years of age. Please don’t take truffles if you are on any mind altering medication, pregnant or uncomfortable with yourself. Also, don’t drive or combine truffles with other recreational drugs.

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