How can you ingest truffles/mushrooms?

That’s a really good question actually. There are many different ways to ingest truffles and mushrooms. Some people eat them directly, while others boil and drink them.  Let’s us take a deeper look into these methods! 

If you think that this is to much effort, you can also just eat them straight from the package. Just Put them in your mouth and chew them well. Make sure you do so with an empty stomach as this will ensure your body absorbs the fungus quicker, as well as simplifying the effects.

Truffle tea

Sounds interesting right? Well, if you have dried mushrooms or truffles, first get a knife or a truffle grinder and get them fungi chopped into small pieces. While your busy chopping, make sure you place a pot with water on a low flame so that it does not boil. Once the water is simmering, remove it from the fire and add the chopped up shrooms or truffles into the water. Let is rest for up to 10 minutes and strain the contents and transfer the liquid it into a mug.

Dutch Mushrooms Magic Truffle Tea

If you have fresh stuff, all you need to do is boil the water, place the truffles or shrooms into a cup and poor the boiling water over them. Wait 10-15 minutes while stirring once in a while. When the time is up, strain the water into a new cup and drink it all. You can also fish out the leftover shrooms or truffles with a spoon and eat them before your drink the tea. Like this you can use the tea to wash down the shrooms as well. You can add a tea bag or some honey to enhance the flavor, but don’t add to much sugary stuff as that might interfere with the effects of the truffles or mushrooms.