What effects can psychonauts expect from Truffles and Shrooms?

What effects can psychonauts expect from Truffles and Shrooms?

The effects Psilocybin share a lot similarities with that of LSD. These include an altered perception of time and space, as well as changes in moods and feelings. In the case of truffles, the effects only start to take effect 15 to 30 minutes after consumption.

Psicylobin effects

Here is a list of the possible effects Psilocybin can have on your body and mind:



Sense of increased spirituality

Rapid change of emotions



Distorted thinking

Vivid colours

Visual Distortions

Dilated pupils



Impaired concentration





As mentioned before, the effects of Psilocybin vary greatly between people and greatly depends on many different factors. Gender and body type being two of them. Emotions also play a large role, which means the more negative emotions you carry, the higher chance you have of getting a bad trip. Conversely,  the better you feel about yourself, the higher chance you have of getting a positive experience.

Different types and levels of tripping

Quite often on truffle and mushrooms discussion boards you will find people grading their trips with levels.The reason they do this is because what you experience during a trip can’t be translated directly into words. However, even with this method of gradation your results may vary due to tripping being very personal in nature just like how people perceive pain.

So take these levels of tripping as you will, but keep in mind that someone’s level 2 could be perceived as a level 5 by a different person.

Level 1 Trip

Similar to being stoned, this level can make you more social than usual. This level is also accompanied by some mild visual distortions such as vivid colours and relaxation.

Level 2 Trip

Level 2 trips can often be seen as a creative trip. Your surroundings will become more clear and patterns and shapes will appear when you close your eyes. Your short-term memory get a boost, making you generate new ideas quicker than before making you more creative and artsy.

Level 3 Trip

This is where things start to become more “surreal”. Level 3 has stronger visual distortions comparable to kolidescopes. Mild hallucinations such as running water along the walls or running refrigerators could make an appearance. You will also start to lose your sense of time, so minutes could change into hours.

Level 4 Trip

Next level hallucinations and things start to lose their shape. Probably comparable to the scene from doctor strange when he meets the ancient one for the first time and gets pelted into a new dimension. You might feel yourself leaving your body and completely losing track of time.

Level 5 Trip

What is reality? Do I exist? These are some very valid questions you might ask yourself when experiencing a level 5 trip. You will become one with…everything? There is no right or wrong and you will become time itself? The only thing i can say with certainty is that the laws of physics and reality will be broken.

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